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3D Printing

Welcome to the 3D printing site!  Here you will find information on using 3D printers in your classroom, resources developed by participating K-12 teachers, and opportunities for professional development around 3D printing.
Thanks to a collaboration between RiSE Center and the Perloff Family Foundation, the Maine STEM Partnership (MSP) is able to provide opportunities for teachers to use a 3D printer in their classroom. The goal of this collaboration is to bring 3D printers into Maine schools for use to support learning within the scope and sequence of science and math instruction currently supported by the MSP.  We provide training on how to design and print objects using the printer, access to community-built instructional resources that utilize the 3D printer, and ongoing collaborative opportunities for teachers to discuss ideas and classroom successes

Professional Development Opportunities

  • 3D Printing Courses at the University of Maine
    - These courses are designed to support use of engineering design and 3D printers in the classroom or workplace. Topics covered include setting up and using a 3D printer, designing 3D objects using Tinkercad and other online design programs, and developing inquiry-based design lessons that can be integrated with science and mathematics content. Participants will have the opportunity to create their own prints and develop lessons and/or units to support student learning of science and mathematics content.
  • 3D Printing Affinity Group
    - Collaborative teams will meet periodically during the school year to share experiences and outcomes and to plan future improvements and implementations for the instructional resources.

Borrow a 3D Printer!

          Through the 3D printer loaner program teachers can borrow a printer from the RiSE Center for a 3 month period. Sign up to borrow a 3D Printer!

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