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Patsy Adams finds teaching opportunity in a playground equipment loss

Patsy Adams, Maine STEM Partnership member and 5th grade teacher at Pittston Consolidated School has assisted her students as they procure a new piece of playground equipment for their playground.  This started two years ago when, due to safety reasons, their spiderweb structure was removed from their playground.  Patsy saw an opportunity to create a real-world, engaging project for her students- they were tasked to fill this void in the playground using 3D printing and engineering design.  Six groups of students created scaled models of their playground, researched playground equipment, and presented their choice of a replacement to the school.  Based on safety and popularity, the Merry Go All was chosen, with a price tag of $5000.00.  They are now looking for investors to help them reach their goals.  In a presentation to MSAD 11's district school board, the students were awarded a match of $2,500 toward the cost.  What an amazing, real-life experience for these lucky 5th graders.  Go Patsy Adams!!   

3D printed model of school playground

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