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Teaching and Learning Community teachers in a Teaching and Learning session about energy

The Teaching and Learning Community provides a place for teachers from across disciplines and grade levels to come together to learn from content experts, RiSE staff, and each other.  This focus of this community changes from year to year as the needs of our community evolve.

The 2018-19 Teaching and Learning Community will provide space for teachers from the same disciplines to come together in content cohorts in the following disciplines:
PK-2 Science
3-5 Science
MS Life Science
MS Earth Science
MS Physical Science
HS Earth Science

Those who use RiSE resources are encouraged to attend their respective community cohort to discuss their success and challenges with colleagues, content experts, and RiSE staff.  

There are four 3-hour Saturday meetings at the RiSE Center. Participants will receive a stipend of $50 per 2-hour session and a certificate of contact hours will be sent after the last meeting. 

Meeting dates: September 8, November 3, January 19, and March 9


Previous Teaching and Learning Community themes:

2017-18: Pedagogy and Resource Professional Development 
    1.  Teaching and Learning- Pedagogy: focused on the Cross Cutting Concepts of the Next Generation Science Standards.
    2.  Teaching and Learning- Resources: focused on creating cohorts centered around RiSE classroom resources.

2016-17: Content- centered Professional Development
    Each session a content expert provided content-rich activities that could be adapted for the PK-12 classroom.


T&L Meeting Calendar


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