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This professional learning is designed to support teachers using FOSS Next Generation Science Resources.  These resources are available to rent through the Maine STEM Partnership or to purchase directly from FOSS. More information about our programming is below or click the button below to learn more about FOSS resources on the FOSS site!


Join a Community!

This is a growing community focused on supporting you as you learn with the FOSS program. We provide on going professional learning to support you as you progress from your first day looking through the resource to developing a nuanced understanding of science investigations and all of the pieces that work together to support your students as they get excited about learning science. 

THe Learning progression

YEAR 1: How Do I Do This?

Taking on a new program can be daunting, especially when there is all of this stuff to go along with it! But it is easy and fun when you work through it with other teachers and have help working through what you'll be doing before you get to do it with your students. You'll join a cohort of teachers at the same grade level as we walk through lessons, materials, content, strategies, and NGSS together. This group will help you become very comfortable with FOSS and exploring science with your students. You'll also have access to teachers who have been using FOSS for years to help guide you.

YEAR 2: Sensemaking and Figuring Things Out!

Now that you are familiar with the resources and comfortable with the flow of leading your students through investigating different topics, we will dive into the world of sensemaking and what is really involved when helping students "figure things out" collectively. You'll stick with your year 1 cohort of teachers to strengthen your science content knowledge, learn how to utilize Talk Moves to facilitate classroom discussions, and strategize about grappling with those tricky concepts with your students.

YEAR 3 AND BEYOND: Integration, Assessment, and So Much More!

You'll learn quickly that science is a wonderfully exciting and engaging topic that has a lot to offer. You'll also learn that FOSS provides a lot of room to grow as a science teacher with ample opportunities for building connections across the many topics elementary teachers teach. For teachers who have worked with the program for two years, we will provide a community of rotating topics based on what the group would like to explore further. We'll provide research supported strategies, share how they connect to the FOSS resources, and provide you with time to work with other teachers to build these strategies into your teaching.

How to participate:

This program is specifically designed for anyone teaching K-5 FOSS Next Generation Science. Please complete the form at the top of the page or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up or for more information.

Cost: $400 per teacher for 1 year

What is included:

  • Four full days of targeted professional learning that is specific to your grade level and units. This generally involves one day in mid August and three release days throughout the year but varies depending on year and topic.
  • One on one help sessions with RiSE center staff.
  • Access to a collaborative community of teachers, education research faculty, RiSE staff and FOSS professional learning providers and developers
  • Ongoing support as you continue to implement FOSS into your classroom regardless of whether or not this is your first 
  • Flexibility! We will work with you at your pace to make sure you continue to be successful and excited to teach science!

Why choose FOSS ?

This curriculum was selected by a task force of Maine teachers and administrators from multiple districts in partnership with RiSE Center faculty and staff. Evaluation was focused on identifying a comprehensive, research-supported K-5 science program that would meet the needs of Maine teachers and students.

Materials are user friendly!

You do not have to be a science expert to teach with these. Materials are easy to use, contain extensive resources to support teachers, and include background knowledge support for teachers who may not have had extensive training in science teaching methods or science content.

Materials are hands-on!

Students are DOING science. Students actively are investigating phenomena in ways that are engaging and reflect how science is carried out by professionals.

Integration is key!

At the elementary level, being able to connect science to other topics increases the likelihood that teachers can fit science into schedules that are often dominated by ELA and math. Integrating ELA and math with science instruction allows teachers to strengthen their science program while simultaneously supporting student learning of multiple topics.

Aligned to NGSS!

Materials are well aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (recently adopted by the state of Maine and nationally recognized as high quality standards) and emphasize 3-Dimensional learning.