High School Earth Science

EarthComm is a 9th grade project-based Earth and space sciences program developed by the American Geosciences Institute in association with It's About Time (Now Activate Learning). The MSP offers materials to support Chapters 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8. This adapted version of the resource was developed by ninth grade teachers over many summers with the support of the publisher. The intent was to maintain content focus on alignment with the NGSS while narrowing the focus to allow for the materials taught to fit within one school year of instruction.

Ninth grade teachers of the Maine STEM Partnership using EarthComm resources are encouraged to use alternative summative assessments for each module. These challenges afford students the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery by addressing these essential questions:
ESS2: How and why is the Earth constantly changing?
    ESS2.A: How to Earth's major systems interact?
    ESS2.B: Why do continents move, and what causes earthquakes and volcanoes?
    ESS2.C: How do properties and movements of water shape Earth's surface, and shape Earth's surface and affect its systems?
    ESS2.D: What regulates weather and climate?
    ESS2.E: How do living organisms alter Earth's processes and structures?

The proposed and prescribed curriculum for a half year of EarthComm if taught every day and a full year if taught every other day: 

Pre Module: Sphere Activity
Module 1: Space: Go to EarthComm Astronomy Unit
Module 2: Earth's History
Module 3: Plate Tectonics
Module 4: Winds, Oceans, Climate
Module 5: Global Climate Change

Each module consists of 2-4 Geologs that the students complete as they investigate different Earth science content.