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Bring engaging hands on science to your classroom!

The RiSE Center supports teachers in using  research-supported, community-vetted instructional resources across grade bands and content areas. The material kits are built to support instructional resources listed.

If you have questions, please contact our Resource Coordinator, Beth Muncey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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What is provided?

For $15/student, you will receive:

  • A full set of hands on materials for all units
  • Teacher texts and supplemental resources
  • A classroom set of student texts
  • Access to the online platform provided by the publisher
  • Embedded pre- and post-assessments for each unit

Check out the different resources we support!

Middle School Earth Science

SEPUP Issues and Earth Science 2nd Edition

The third edition is being piloted during the 2019-20 school year!

Middle School Physical Science

SEPUP Issues and Physical Science 3rd Edition


Elementary Science (K-5)

Full Option Science System (FOSS) Next Generation

High School Earth Science

This program is adapted from EarthComm developed by the American Geoscience Institute

Resource Training

New to our instructional resources? Join one of our experienced teachers to learn all about the resource you'll be using! (see below)

Resource Training: Required for teachers new to our resources!

This program is designed for teachers new to resources and those who need a refresher alike. The RiSE Center requires annual training for all teachers who are new to using RiSE resources or for new resources. This training, held the week of August 12, is a series of one day trainings specific to content/grade level allowing for those who teach several subjects/grades to attend a day specific to their content/grade level. During your training you will be introduced to your new science kits and have the opportunity to connect with teacher leaders who are experienced with using the materials. Teachers will collaboratively walk through each resource and the support materials that go along with it. Teachers will also have the opportunity to demo lessons, go through the first kit, and begin planning for the start of the school year. All teachers have the option to continue meeting with this group during the school year through our Teaching and Learning Community. Topics: K-5 Science (FOSS), Middle School Earth Science (SEPUP 2rd ed.), Middle School Life Science (SEPUP 3rd ed.), Middle School Physical Science (SEPUP 3rd ed.), and High School Earth Science (Earth and Space Systems Science). Come learn how to get started with your new science materials from experienced teachers!

9AM - 3PM
9AM - 3PM
9AM - 3PM
9AM - 3PM
Grade 9 Earth ScienceMiddle School - SEPUP Issues and Earth Science 2nd ed.Middle School - SEPUP Issues and Life Science 3rd ed.Middle School - SEPUP Issues and Physical Science 3rd ed.
Grades K-2 Science - FOSS (held in Lincoln)Grades 3-5 Science - FOSS (held in Lincoln)

Our review process

A team of teachers and administrators across multiple districts along with University faculty and RiSE Center staff met over the course of several months to extensively review many different science resources. Below are the primary resource components that were taken into account throughout this process.

NGSS Alignment

Using a template adapted from the EQuIP rubric, we looked for student opportunities to engage with all three dimensions of NGSS in addition to grade band alignment. Content accuracy was also reviewed.

Teacher Supports

Assessments, content background, and differentiation techniques were some of the factors taken into consideration when selecting these resources.


The team looked for resources with integration across science disciplines in addition to integration with other subject areas.

All rights reserved, please contact the RiSE Center at risecenter@maine.edu for permission.

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