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Productive Talk

Back by popular demand, but under a different name!  We have taken the successful "Talk Science" program, adapted from the Inquiry Project at TERC,  and broadened it to all STEM fields.  This program supports teachers in leading productive, equitable conversations in their classroom.  This practice helps students share, expand, and clarify their ideas, listen to others, explain their reasoning, and reason with others.  This professional development includes classroom videos and a set of nine ready-to-practice talk moves.

There will be 5 evening meetings, preparing you to be a teacher-leader and to conduct six study groups within your school, district, or region. Participants will receive a stipend of $50 per 2-hour session and a certificate of contact hours will be sent after the last meeting. There will be five evening meetings and a release day.  Locations TBD. 

Meeting dates: Not currently offered. Check back for the 2020-21 school year.

The benefits to participating in the MSP Productive Talk Professional Development are:

  • Learn alongside your colleagues and feel supported as you try the Talk Moves in your classroom
  • Learn 9 tangible Talk Moves that you can try in your classroom to improve student thinking and discourse
  • Students love this kind of structured, productive talk...and the learning gains in science, math and ELA are proven through research
  • This flexible program uses a blend of in-person meetings, independent webstudy and classroom practice
  • We pay "teacher leaders" to lead Talk Science study groups/PLCs

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