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Assessment FOR Learning

Join teachers from the Maine STEM Partnership at the RiSE Center to strengthen your assessment literacy skills. This professional learning community is designed to support teachers using high impact formative assessment strategies.

Offered Alternating Years 
Next Offered 2023-2024

The Learning Progression

This Assessment For Learning series will be six sessions and will begin with an introduction to Assessment For Learning and setting success criteria. Each session will introduce a new tool and/or strategy and include a discussion among participants of their experiences using these tools and strategies in their classrooms. Other tools and strategies included in the series include learning progressions, concept mapping, next step rubrics, and feedback. As a group we will see how these tools and strategies work together to help increase student achievement.

Success Criteria

Align learning activities with intended learning outcomes in student friendly language.

Learning Progression

Utilize learning progressions to help make each step of learning clear for your students and enabling them to follow a clear learning path.

Concept Mapping

Learn how the visual organization of information supports students as they construct and connect knowledge by showing how ideas are related.

Next Step Rubrics

Use next step rubrics as a self-assessment tool that enables self-reflection and opportunities for peer and teacher feedback.


Learn how to provide meaningful feedback that promotes student self-efficacy and interest in continued learning.

Next Steps

Discuss how to extend use of these strategies in our classrooms and how this community can support this process.


Kate Dumont

Instructional Coach
Bonny Eagle High School

Assessment for Learning strategies helped me really refine my thought process and clearly communicate my curriculum to my students in a way that had students critically thinking about what comes next in their learning. Using these strategies not only streamlined my day-to-day but allowed me to dig deeper with all levels of students on questions that interested them that connected to the content.

Drew Meyers

Mathematics Teacher
Old Town High School

Jennifer Dunham

Mathematics Teacher
Old Town High School

How to participate:

This program is designed for science, technology, engineering and mathematics teachers of grades K-12. Please complete the form at the top of the page or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up or for more information.

Cost: $450 per teacher

What is included:

  • Six 90-minute virtual meetings, each focused on a different assessment strategy
  • A copy of two books: Teaching Strategies That Create Assessment Literate Learners and Seven Strategies of Assessment For Learning
  • Access to a collaborative community of teachers, and University staff and faculty
  • Ongoing support as you continue to implement these strategies in your classroom regardless of whether or not this is your first time trying them!
  • Flexibility! We will work with you at your pace to make sure you continue to be successful and excited to teach science!