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Affinity Groups 

These groups involve people of similar grade levels and/or content areas that come together to work on a project. The projects will include, but are not limited to, creating meaningful lessons for your classrooms, building appropriate assessments for your students, gathering data to help guide the lessons, and piloting/disseminating the projects you have created.  Participating teachers will receive a stipend of $50 per 2-hour session and a certificate of contact hours will be sent after the last meeting.


3D Printing Lesson Development ($200)

Open to: PK-12 teachers who have interest in integrating 3D Printer lessons into their current units. Priority for the 3D Printer loaner program will be given to teachers that have participated in a training, such as this group.

Description: Join your colleagues in developing lesson plans around 3D printing in the classroom. Learn how to meaningfully incorporate the design process and 3D printing into your current instructional resources. We will go over what makes a strong inquiry based design lesson that supports student learning of content. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other participants in developing lessons to use in your classroom. Printers used during this workshop will include a Flashforge Finder and a Makerbot Replicator 2. 


PK-5 Mathematics ($200)   teachers working during the ice age affinity group 2016

Come work with other PK-5 teachers from across the state to strengthen your math content knowledge, participate in inquiry activities, and discuss effective, research-based teaching strategies.  There will be two 3-hr Saturday meetings at the RiSE center, with options to connect digitally.


Productive Talk ($200)

Come discuss the finer points of holding a productive discussion in your classroom.  This is for teachers who have had previous Talk Science training and are actively using it in their classrooms.  There will be two 3-hr Saturday meetings at the RiSE center, with options to connect digitally.  

 *In-person attendance is strongly encouraged, but the option to connect digitally will be available.


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