The Maine STEM Partnership

A statewide STEM education improvement community

Professional Learning

teachers designing 3D printing projects

3D Printing

We offer several opportunities with 3D Printing  including, a free rental program, Affinity Group, and university classes

teachers on the Ice Age Trail Conference

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups come together twice a year to discuss a common topic.  Topics vary depending on community needs.

image of the stars and stairs tool from Assessment for Learning

Assessment for Learning

A teacher-leadership community that provides a variety of tools to promote student-lead teaching techniques.

A high school teacher at a Maine STEM Partnership event- click here to learn more about High School Collaboratives

HS Collaboratives

High school teachers come together four times a year to collaborate on a variety of topics.

teachers working together during the 2018 Teaching and Learning Release Day

Teaching & Learning

This community brings together teachers across grade-levels and content areas to discuss various teaching and learning topics based on the needs of the community..

Teachers doing an activity during a professional development session- click here to learn more about Productive Talk

Productive Talk

Adapted from "Talk Science" from the Inquiry Project at TERC, this teacher-leadership community provides tools and promotes skills to create productive discussions in the classroom.

click here to learn more about Productive Talk for the Advanced User

Productive Talk for the Active User

This community is an opportunity for teachers who are actively using productive talk in their classroom to come together and advance their use of the Productive Talk Moves.  

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