NSF Teaching Fellows

The National Science Foundation (NSF) Teaching Fellowship Program, funded through NSF’s Noyce Program, is an opportunity for graduate students in the Master of Science in Teaching program beginning their teaching career as a science and/or mathematics teacher at a middle school or high school in Maine.


The goal of this program is to build a strong community of new science and mathematics teachers, along with experienced leading teachers who serve as mentors. This community meets regularly to share achievements and challenges of teaching STEM disciplines and works together to hone their craft of teaching in self-selected areas. This program supports early teachers in making a successful transition from pre-service teacher to teacher. In the later years of the program, these new teachers will have access to leadership training opportunities.


Ken Akiha

Mia Callahan

Grace Coffe

Erin Doran

Jennifer Dunham

Billy Ferm

Katie Flavin

Cameron Fudge

Gabrielle Holt

Nick Innis

Justin Lewin

Reilly Romanoski

David Rondeau

Chrissy Siddons

Lauren Swalec

Emma Toth

Betsy Trenckmann

Stephanie Virgilio

Joe Walter

Isaac Walton

Sam Ward