Statewide content discussions have begun!

In the first of a new series of statewide content discussions, mathematics teachers came together to connect on what it means to teach and learn math this year. These teachers came together to share lessons they are trying in their classrooms and strategies they are using to engage students in a variety of learning formats. During this meeting we delved into Desmos to learn about virtual and socially distanced options for math lessons while practicing our Zoom skills at the same time!

This Tuesday our engineering and computer science group will convene with additional content specific meetings schedule throughout the rest of the month. These meetings are designed specifically for teachers looking to connect with other teachers to strategize about what they are currently teaching in their classrooms. Each STEM discipline has its own nuances when being taught in the classroom and these discussions allow for focused discussion on how to effectively engage students in each content area regardless of whether or not they are in the classroom or at home. Discussion topics are determined by the people who show up to the meeting to ensure that each person is able to address their specific questions.

Interested in joining a conversation? We'll be holding four series of conversations throughout the school year and they are free to attend! Check out the link below to learn more about this community and find meetings dates and registration links.

Learn more about this community or sign up to join a discussion!