Costs of high quality, hands-on science materials that support inquiry and student engagement are expensive and often aren’t able to be included in teacher budgets. Through bulk purchasing, shared resources, and up front materials purchasing, we can provide and sustain materials for multiple districts statewide through the Maine STEM Partnership at the RiSE Center. The RiSE Center provides resources for $15/student to districts for an entire year’s worth of materials. This includes hands on materials, textbooks, online support, and community developed embedded assessments.

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Engaging hands on science in your classroom.

We select our resources by convening multi-district task forces with K-12 teachers, administrators, University STEM Education research faculty and RiSE Center staff to extensively review each set of instructional materials. After selection, resources are vetted through a piloting process to ensure that they are supporting best practices in the classrooms for teaching and learning.

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Access to Online Materials

Engaging, Science Material Kits

Teacher-Created Materials

"The Maine STEM Partnership has influenced my teaching by giving me new activities to use with my students that I know are tried and true, by a classroom teacher."

Julie Hutchinson
High School Teacher, Yarmouth, ME

"The Maine STEM Partnership has influenced my teaching by providing me with innovative strategies and tools to make my classroom more interactive!"

Emily Gribben
High School Science Teacher, Fairfield, ME

"The Maine STEM Partnership has influenced my teaching by helping me to more effectively engage my students in knowing where they are, where they're going, and how to get there."

Keira Ithomitis
Elementary Teacher, Brunswick, ME

"I meet teachers from other schools, get great ideas that I can actually use in my classroom, and get supplies and curricula to use."

Cathy Morse
Middle School Teacher, Lubec, ME

Why Your Donation Matters.

Support Students to Pursue STEM Careers

Providing schools with budget friendly, high-quality science materials helps ensure that an excellent science education is available to all students in our state. Your donation allows more Maine students to gain access to engaging, hands-on science learning.

Support Maine STEM Teachers

Due to a shortage of science teachers and small school populations, many Maine educators teach multiple content areas and grade levels. Your donation contributes to shared community resources that provide quality engaging materials allowing teachers to focus on implementing high-impact instructional strategies.

Create Community for Maine Teachers

Many teachers in Maine are the only science teacher in their school. By having teachers across multiple districts using the same resources, teachers can reach out to others in the community for support. Your donation to shared resources allows for teachers to network and expand the support system available to them.

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