A statewide STEM education improvement community

The Maine STEM Partnership at the RiSE Center

The mission of the Maine STEM Partnership is to build and sustain a diverse, statewide community that strengthens PK-16+ STEM education by promoting rich, research-supported classroom experiences that deepen learning and engage all students. This community seeks to build STEM literacy and career competency and to encourage students to become STEM educators and education researchers.
"The Maine STEM Partnership has influenced my teaching by giving me a community of professional educators that support me and I support them"
- Middle School Teacher

Maine Center for Research in STEM Education (RiSE Center)

The Maine Center for Research in STEM Education (RiSE Center) is an interdisciplinary center organized to conduct research, graduate education, and professional development, and to build community partnerships focused on improving the research and research-based practice of STEM education at all levels of instruction. Members of the RiSE Center include faculty, staff, and graduate students engaged in education research across multiple STEM departments and the College of Education at the University of Maine.

RiSE faculty, staff, students, and collaborators contribute to knowledge of teaching and learning across STEM subject areas, with significant national and international contributions in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Education, Marine Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics.  

The RiSE Center provides education and professional development for emerging educators through undergraduate and graduate opportunities, including teaching and research assistantships, a Master of Science in Teaching degree with a teacher certification option, and an interdisciplinary STEM Education PhD program.  

The RiSE Center also facilitates community partnerships with K-12 schools and school districts, teachers, university faculty, and other organizational partners in Maine and beyond to improve STEM education and teacher preparation through research-supported practices.

Marina Van der Eb

Maine STEM Partnership Coordinator

Marina Van der Eb is the Coordinator for the Maine STEM Partnership at the Maine Center for Research in STEM Education (RiSE Center). She loves working with teachers to create learning experiences that encourage students to make meaningful, real-life connections with what they are learning. Recently, she applied her interests in marine science and place-based learning while working with ninth grade Earth science teachers to complete her master’s thesis. Much of her work with teachers has involved finding ways to connect science learning with Maine settings and industries. Marina holds a BS in Marine Science with a concentration in physical oceanography and a Master of Science in Teaching from the University of Maine. When she is not exploring gravel pits or blueberry fields with teachers, she can be found rock climbing, fly fishing, telemark skiing, or sitting in front of a wood stove.

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