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K-8 Mathematics Progressions

with Dr. Franziska Peterson

The topic for this year will be Progressions of Algebraic Thinking. These sessions will be in person and occur July 12-15.

Lunch will be provided. Limited lodging is available for those traveling from a distance.

Teachers will receive stipends and contact hours.

(Please note that we had initially intended to run this virtually but have recently received permission to host this in person. If you previously applied and this influences you ability to participate please contact us.)

During this four day immersion, we will investigate the progression of algebraic thinking from Kindergarten through Grade 8. This program supports teachers’ development of their own content knowledge while learning specific research-supported strategies that they can use to support their students at any level of understanding. Teachers will have the opportunity to work together to discuss how these strategies can be used in their own classroom and to participate in follow up conversations throughout the following school year to check in as they try these new strategies with their students.

This workshop will take place in person with an option to join virtually using Zoom. Spaces for this workshop are limited and priority will be given to classroom teachers who are able to most directly apply the knowledge gained in this workshop to their own classroom instruction. Stipends and contact hours will be provided to participants. Please apply using the link at the top of the page.

These mathematics learning experiences are offered at no cost to teachers thanks to the very generous donations of Mary '54 and Wallace Eckton and the University of Maine Class of '54.

Meet Dr. Franzi Peterson

Franziska Peterson is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Maine. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Secondary Education with double majors in mathematics and English in Germany. In 2016, she received her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction (Mathematics Education) from the University of Wyoming. More information about Franzi's research can be found on the RiSE Center website.

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Hear what teachers are saying about
K-8 Mathematics Progressions!

"I have learned so much from participating in the last two sessions. I feel that I have developed strong skills with understanding the math skills and being able to present them to my students in a student centered structure. Understanding the grade level progression has also allowed me to teach students at different levels, allowing them to progress faster or in some cases receive some intervention."

- Grade 6 Teacher

"It is so powerful for teachers to have conversations with one another as well as having a professor teach new strategies to teachers who are not new to classrooms. The teachers can immediately see how these strategies can be used in their classrooms and how students will react to the information."

- Elementary Teacher

"Whatever Franzi is teaching, if I can be there, I'm going. And I've heard more than one teacher at the content immersion say that. It' s so valuable and there should be more teachers taking those courses. All teachers should be able to participate in something like that."

- Grade 5 Teacher

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