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3D Printing

3D Printing Lesson Bank

Grade LevelLesson TitleSummaryLinks
Elementary, Middle, HighBubble Wand BabysittingIntroductory lesson on how to use TinkerCAD to make a 3D printed bubble wand. This lesson can be utilized by all grade levels.Lesson Plan
ElementaryBoats and BuoyancyStudents apply their knowledge of buoyancy to design a 3D printed boat.Lesson Plan
MiddleBreakwater Wall Engineering DesignStudents will design a 3D printed breakwater wall as an extension to the SEPUP breakwater lesson.
MiddleIntroduction to Engineering DesignStudent will collaborate in small groups to utilize the engineering design cycle to 3D print their invention in a CAD program.
MiddleWhirligig ChallengeStudents will design and print a 3D printed pencil-top whirligig as an extension to the PBIS paper whirligig challenge.
HighModeling the Solar SystemStudents will scale and 3D print planets in our solar system as part of an EarthComm space unit.
High Volcanic Gas CollectorStudents will incorporate 3D printed parts to design a mechanism to collect gas as part of an EarthComm unit.
High Investigating the Laws of FrictionStudents will 3D print frictional sleds in order to model frictional forces.

Table of Contents:

  1. Getting Started
    1. The Printers
      1. FlashForge
      2. MakerBot
    2. Initial Setup
      1. FlashForge
      2. MakerBot
    3. Test Print
      1. FlashForge
      2. MakerBot
  2. Designing your project
    1. Software to design
      1. TinkerCad
  3. Printing your project
    1. FlashForge
    2. MakerBot  
  4. Troubleshooting 
    1. FlashForge
    2. MakerBot
  5. Resources
  6. Lesson Bank

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