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Instructional Resources

Bring engaging, hands-on activities to your science classroom! The RiSE Center supports teachers in using  research-supported, community-vetted instructional resources across grade bands and content areas. The material kits are built to support instructional resources listed.  Renting a kit from the RiSE Center means you will receive a personally packed science kit specific to your classroom with textbooks, science materials, online subscription, and teacher generated supporting documents.  $15/student

To sign up for resources for the 2018-19 school year: administrators please sign-up here and teachers can sign-up here

If you have questions, please contact one of our Resource Coordinators at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Need resource training?

The RiSE Center offers annual training for all teachers who are new to using RiSE Resources or are looking for a refresher in the materials. This two day training in August will introduce you to your new science kits and connect you with other teachers who are experienced with using these materials. Teachers will collaboratively walk through each resource and the support materials that go along with it. Teachers will also have the opportunity to demo lessons, go through the first kit, and begin planning for the start of the school year. All teachers have the option to continue meeting with this group during the school year.

This year resource training has been completed, but if you need help with your reousrces, consider joining the 2018-19 Teaching and Learning: Content Cohorts Community!

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