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3D Printing Lessons and Resources
Thanks to a collaboration between RiSE Center and the Perloff Family Foundation, the MSP is able to provide opportunities for teachers to use a 3D printer in their classroom. We provide training on how to design and print objects using the printer, access to community-built instructional resources that utilize the 3D printer, and ongoing collaborative opportunities for teachers to discuss ideas and classroom successes

Assessment for Learning 2 (SRPs click here) (Study Group Members click here)
This community is only available to teachers who participated during the 2016-2017 school year.  There are five 2-hour meetings scheduled during the fall during which we will continue work from the 2016-17 school year covering strategies five, six, and seven from "Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning" by Jan Chappuis. We will continue the Train-the-Trainer model that will bring Science Resources Partners (SRPs) together. 

Introduction to Talk Science (SRPs click here) (Study Group Members click here)
Talk Science provides a program that leads to productive, equitable conversations in your classroom that help students share, expand, and clarify their ideas, listen to others, explain their reasoning and reason with others. This professional development includes classroom videos and a set of nine ready-to-practice talk moves.

Talk Science for the Active User
This community is for teachers who have had previous Talk Science training and are actively using it in their classrooms.  There will be four evening meetings during Spring 2018, introducing tools to deepen the meaning of content concepts in discussion as well as taking the next steps beyond talking and into writing.  Explore how to use reasoning and counter examples to build meaning beyond grade level expectations.  

Teaching and Learning Community
The 2017-18 Teaching and Learning Community is offering two options this year, pedagogy- focused groups and resource-focused groups.  Click above to learn more!

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